Unhinged by Tempest C. Avery

Title: Unhinged

Author: Tempest C. Avery

Pages: 336

Genre: Fantasy, Mythology

Format: E-book

My Rating:
5/5 stars

“Your existence hinders on no one but yourself. Only you can write your destiny. Fate is a mere parlour trick designed to coax you into believing otherwise. There is always a choice.”

I received a free e-book copy of Unhinged in exchange for an honest review for the We ♥ YA Books! club on Goodreads. Also thank you to Anisha for allowing me to use her photo for my feature image <3.

Unhinged is the first book in the Underworld series and is based around Greek Mythology. Spencer Perry loses her boyfriend one night and is devastated. She shuts the world out and spends most of her time in her room. That is, until she travels to the Underworld via the Ferryman where she makes a deal with Hades – also known as Hadrian. She has to spend 6 months in the Underworld in exchange for Micah’s life.  Bad things start happening around her and all signs points towards Hadrian, but something doesn’t feel right.

I will start by letting you know that I absolutely adore Greek Mythology. So when given the chance to read and review this I immediately jumped for the opportunity. And it was one of the best things I’ve done this month.

The characters were felt so real to me. I could feel their emotions and could easily visualise what was happening. I enjoyed every moment of the book and had to put it down because my eyes were tired from looking at the screen for too long. I loved the development of Hadrian and Spencer’s relationship. Their arguments were laughable but the hidden caring nature that Hadrian possessed was presented quite well. I honestly don’t know what to think about Micah but I love Spencer’s friends. I wish my friends were as awesome as them (sorry if you’re reading this). I actually like Thayer, even though he is seen as a villain for most of the story.

There isn’t really anything I disliked about this book. I adored it from the very beginning and I need to get to the rest of the series soon. Unhinged definitely became one of my favourite reads of 2015 and I definitely recommend it to you, especially if you love Greek Mythology like me.


3 thoughts on “Unhinged by Tempest C. Avery

  1. This sounds so awesome! I’m not sure if I’m a massive fan of Greek Mythology (I haven’t read any books with it in, haha) yet, but I think I’ll enjoy this book anyway, because I love fantasy. I love a book with a great friendship group in too – hopefully I’ll be able to pick it up soon.

    I love your blog, Stephanie! It’s so cool – I’m looking forward to what you post in the future 🙂
    ~Denise @ The Bibliolater


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