This or That Book Tag

I was tagged by Bri from Paperback Bri to do this tag a long time ago, so thank you very much!

This or That:

  1. Audio or book in hand?

Book in hand. I’ve tried listening to audio books but my mind isn’t fully listening so I never know what actually happened by the time it finishes.

  1. Physical book or E-book?

Physical book all the way. I wear glasses so reading an e-book isn’t good for me. And it always tires my eyes.


  1. Paperback or hardcover?

I actually prefer paperbacks because they’re cheaper and lighter to carry around, most of the time. But hardbacks are also gorgeous, so I guess it’s a win-win situation.


  1. Adult or Young Adult?

I haven’t read much adult, so young adult I guess.


  1. Series or Standalone?

This is difficult. But I’m possibly leaning towards series because I like to see characters and the world-building develop.


  1. Dog-ears or bookmarks?

I use bookmarks now, but I use to dog-ear my books.


  1. Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?

Breaking the spine because barely opening it makes it harder to read.


  1. Borrow or buy?

I’m for both, I use to borrow books, and still do. But I love owning books as well so I can’t really decide.


  1. Bookstore or online?

Definitely bookstore. I love browsing through all the books and seeing them in person.


  1. Fiction or non-fiction?

BOTH! But more towards the fiction. A few years ago, I use to read nothing but non-fiction because I was obsessed with learning about the world and its people and stuff. Now I read both genres but more fiction.


  1. Fantasy world or real-life issues?

I love fantasy reads, however I prefer reading about real-life issues because they’re more relatable.


  1. Kindle, iPad or other?

I’ve only read from my iPad and iPhone, but I prefer iPad.


  1. Monster read or short and sweet?

It depends on the book I guess. Some books drag on and on unnecessarily and some don’t. Most of the time, I would just read a “short and sweet” one.


  1. Starry-eyed romance or full of action

Both! But separately, as in a full on action without any really deep romantic ties.


  1. Curl up and snuggle or bathe in the sun?

Definitely curl up and snuggle, especially with a good book. If you know me, the sun is basically my own personal enemy, except in winter.


  1. Read the review or decide for yourself?

I almost never read reviews of books unless I’ve read it. However, if I’m close to the person, I will read their reviews regardless, because I trust their opinion. But even so, their reviews don’t influence as much.


  1. Zombies or unicorns?

Unicorns all the way, of course. Zombies are scary in my opinion. The thought of them being ‘undead’ creeps me out (but I’m, completely fine with vampires… in fact I love vampires).


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