Why Do I Read?

Brylie recently (not really now but anywho) posted a post on why people read by asking the opinions of her bookstagram followers, which inspired me to write down why I read. (Yes I participated in the blog post but this will be more in depth and I am going to tell you things I’ve never told anyone – okay now I don’t know if this is a good thing to post.)

As a child, I didn’t own many toys, mainly because my parents couldn’t afford it. So most of the time, my mum would take me to the local library and I would read/look through picture books. Sometimes my mum would read to me. But it was because of her that I love reading as of today.

My first present from a friend (when I was 6) was a book of fairy tales. From that moment on, I fell in love with the fantasy world – with princesses and princes, with wooden people and beasts and with fairies and witches. I guess the reason why I love retellings so much is because I grew up with fairy tales being mostly the centre of my childhood.

As I grew older, unlike everyone else, I read the Rainbow Magic books instead of Harry Potter. I believed fairies were real and had always wished I would get to see one. After a while, I read other things that weren’t related to fairies (Taken By Storm – it isn’t even the first book in the series. I was stupid back then) and it wasn’t until 2012/2013 (I can’t remember when) when a friend of mine introduced The Mortal Instruments to me. I fell in love with the series and founded fandom accounts and bookstagram through it. To this day, TMI still has a special place in my heart. From then on, I started to read more YA books but I rarely ever bought them, until I started bookstagram sometime last year (2015).

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For most of my school life (I’m still in high school), I was a shy girl who felt lonely because she felt left out sometimes. So I turned to books as an answer, and they became a constant companion – a friend to comfort me in my times of loneliness. I grew attached to the fictional worlds and befriended the characters in my head, which is probably why I’ll give a good rating to books if the characters are amazing. So whenever I head to school or anywhere really, I’d have a book in my bag just in case I need it.

So to sum this post up, I read because I love diving into a different world, allowing me to escape the harsh realities of our world. I love meeting new characters and falling in love with them. I enjoy the stories told by the characters and seeing characters achieve certain goals. I adore the way authors string words together to create not only beautiful sentences but powerful and meaningful stories. And I appreciate all authors for doing what they love.











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