Fragmented Bliss by B. J. Rosalind

Title: Fragmented Bliss

Author: B. J. Rosalind

Pages: 131

Genre: Poetry

Format: ebook

My Rating: 5/5 stars

“Happiness can be take away as quick as tripping over a pebble, as swift as the strike of lightning.”

Goodreads synopsis:

“A collection of honest musings on the misadventures of life and love, “Fragmented Bliss” embarks readers on a journey to collapse in laughter and tears because that is how galaxies of memories are formed.”


My review:

Benita has kindly sent me her book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for that Benita! Benita is a 17-year-old Indonesian author who self-published this collection of poetry this year. When I finished reading this, I was shocked. How can someone as young as 17 string words together beautifully? This is also my first time writing a review for poetry books, so bear with me.

THE COVER OF THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!! It’s simple and yet there is something that makes the cover more elegant. I also loved the pictures included for each part of the book. It really does represent the poems in each part.

I reread the prologue over and over because, although it wasn’t in poetry form, it was written beautifully. The prologue talks about appreciating all the small moments of our lives, whether happy or sad, because they make up the person we are today. All the poems in this book, I feel, are a reflection of this message. Some poems are about love and happiness, others about sadness, grief and rejection.

I fell in love with Benita’s writing almost immediately. It was magical and beautiful and reminded me of how much I loved poetry before I stopped reading them. Not even sure why I stopped. I loved the rhyming poems the most, but that’s just me since I love all things that rhyme. Nonetheless, all the poems in this book were though-provoking and beautiful, some even made me laugh.

“Your favorite ice-cream flavor is mint chocolate chip and I’m sorry I ate all of it. I bought five more today, I hope you’ll forgive me.” Love Stories and Destructive Antics, Fragmented Bliss, B. J. Rosalind

The words all flow so well and create vivid images. There are many poems dedicated to love and heartbreak and the poems were so real and true to the emotions. One of my favourite poems would have to be “How To Move On” because I could relate to it. I’d done mostly the same things in the poem. Other favourites were “Fighter’s Survival” and “Hurricanes”. Honestly, I could make a list.

The last poem of the book was powerful. It was as if the author was sending a message to all the girls of the world. YOU MUST GO AND READ THIS, PLEASE!

I’ve highlighted so many favourite lines from the book. Poetry is so quotable and I’m actually glad I read it as an e-book as it is easier to highlight.

I feel like majority of this book was aimed at females. There were poems in the male perspective, but I think, for future reference (message to you, Benita J) there could be more male perspectives. Although that could be hard because males are just as complicated as us. I also think you should add more illustrations to your poetry books, because they are just amazing.

Overall, Fragmented Bliss was beautifully written and I loved it so much! It was definitely an amazing debut. I hope Benita writes more poetry in the future, because I love her writing and look forward to reading more.




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