New Years Resolutions: 2017

With the New Year here, I decided to share some of my goals for 2017. These will be related to the bookish communities and I don’t really set personal goals for myself as often.

First up, I’ve decided to set my Goodreads goal to 50 books in 2017, This way, I am able to reread some of my favourites and won’t have to stress about reading, especially with a busy school year. Who’d want to read if it’s a chore, right?

I also want to finish some series that I have left unfinished because I just never got around to it. Comment below if you want to see a post about some unfinished series that I shall get around too.

I’m planning on reducing the amount of books I buy this year. I will be using the library more often and if I love a book, I will buy it.

As for blogging, I’ve decided that I will try to post at least twice a month, whether that be reviews, book tags or discussion posts. But I’m secretly aiming for once a week (shh don’t tell anyone just in case I don’t stick to that plan). I’m also planning to do monthly wrap ups as well, which I didn’t do this year on my blog. I usually do it on Instagram but I figured that if I did it here, I’d be able to talk more about it.

I also want to interact with bloggers more so I’m aiming to comment on posts that I read. If you post something and would like me to read, leave a link for me. I’d like to read it and discover new bloggers.

Not only do I want to interact with more bloggers, but I also want to immerse myself into the bookish community. I’ll try to comment on everyone’s post and reply to messages.

With all the diverse talk, lately, I noticed that I do not read as diversely as I should. Therefore, I’m going into the new year thinking about which diverse books I’d like to read and I’m going to be more conscious about it.

I guess my overall aim in 2017 is to meet new people and boost my confidence in talking to others.

I hope you enjoy this post. Comment below some of your new year resolutions.


9 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions: 2017

  1. Yes please, do an unfinished series blog post! I’m doing one (eventually) and would love to see other people’s lists! 😀 Good luck on your Goodreads goal, too! I’m setting mine to 25 but I’ll probably move the goal every time I get close. It renews the challenge for me that way. 🙂

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