The Yearbook Committee by Sarah Ayoub

Title: The Yearbook Committee

Author: Sarah Ayoub

Pages: 320

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Format: Paperback

My Rating: 4/5 stars

“That’s the things about choices. They’re an act of knowledge, of faith, of love.”

Goodreads synopsis:

“Five teenagers. Five lives. One final year.

The school captain: Ryan has it all … or at least he did, until an accident snatched his dreams away. How will he rebuild his life and what does the future hold for him now?

The newcomer: Charlie’s just moved interstate and she’s determined not to fit in. She’s just biding her time until Year 12 is over and she can head back to her real life and her real friends… 

The loner: At school, nobody really notices Matty. But at home, Matty is everything. He’s been single-handedly holding things together since his mum’s breakdown, and he’s never felt so alone.

The popular girl: Well, the popular girl’s best friend … cool by association. Tammi’s always bowed to peer pressure, but when the expectations become too much to handle, will she finally stand up for herself?

The politician’s daughter: Gillian’s dad is one of the most recognisable people in the state and she’s learning the hard way that life in the spotlight comes at a very heavy price.

Five unlikely teammates thrust together against their will. Can they find a way to make their final year a memorable one or will their differences tear their world apart?”

My review:

When I first started this book, I was unsure about it and couldn’t get interested in it. But after the first couple of chapters, it started to pick up and I started enjoying it. It’s nice to read a book from an Australian author which is also set in Australia because when I was reading this, it felt familiar. I love the concept of 5 students from different social groups all being thrust into a project. They started off not knowing one another, but as the months flew past, their friendships grew stronger. I loved how Charlie, Matt and Gillian became a close group and I cherished their playful banters. Although I think Charlie’s and Ryan’s relationship was the most amusing.

The friendships formed throughout the novel reminded of my friends – how we’re all different but our differences are what make us unique and love each other. If we were all the same, that would be really boring. Although Matt clearly states that Gillian is his best friend, I totally ship them as a couple.

I loved reading about the character’s development; how they changed completely from the person they started off as at the beginning of year 12. I could relate really well with Tammi as my best friends are in the ones in the limelight and I let them decide things for me. Which is why I understand Tammi. We don’t want to lose our friends – so we do what they wish in order to keep them.

I actually liked the idea of the students creating a yearbook and all the mini ideas that came along it, like writing letters to one another and whatnot. I hope my school does this haha because I would be all for it.

So I was expecting a happy ending to this book because well, it didn’t look like it’d be sad. But let’s just say, my heart cried in pain at the end of the novel. I guess the ending shows our reality, our teenage recklessness and how awful we can be.

I would definitely recommend you check this out. It was a quick read and humorous. I really enjoyed Sarah’s writing and am hoping to read more of her works in the future.




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