Ida by Allison Evans [Mini Review]

Title: IDA

Author: Allison Evans

Pages: 244

Genre: Sci-Fi/Time Travel

Format: e-book

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

“How do people decide on a path, and find the drive to pursue what they want?  

Ida struggles more than other young people to work this out. She can shift between parallel universes, allowing her to follow alternative paths. 

One day Ida sees a shadowy, see-through doppelganger of herself on the train. She starts to wonder if she’s actually in control of her ability, and whether there are effects far beyond what she’s considered. 

How can she know, anyway, whether one universe is ultimately better than another? And what if the continual shifting causes her to lose what is most important to her, just as she’s discovering what that is, and she can never find her way back? 

‘Ida’ is an intelligent, diverse and entertaining novel that explores love, loss and longing, and speaks to the condition of an array of overwhelming, and often illusory, choices.”

My review:

Thank you to Anisha for allowing me to use her photo for my feature image <3.

Ida, I believe, is the first book I’ve read about time-travelling/universe jumping. It is a concept that I am interested in and I’m hoping to read more books about it. However, this book just wasn’t up to my expectations. I enjoyed it but I felt it could’ve been better.

I felt the first half of it boring, like nothing was really happening. Then towards the middle, things started to pick up after Ida sees her doppelganger. The story is fast-paced and in a sense, there is a creepy element to it. However, I also felt it was rushed. I still have many unanswered questions and the ending did not leave me satisfied. I’d like to know whether the other Idas got back to their time safely or what happens to Ida’s future. Like an epilogue. I also didn’t really love the characters or feel any attachment to them. Now that I’m writing this, I feel like my rating should be lowered but I’m not sure.

However, 10 points to Allison Evans for adding diversity into the story. I remember Ida mentioning herself as being bisexual, and she is biracial (I’m not 100% sure). Ida’s lover is also non-binary, which was different to what I normally read and was a good experience of it. We should have more books with these sorts of characters in it.

Overall, Ida was an average book for me, not awful but also something not memorable. I loved how diversity was incorporated into this and that Allison is also an Aussie author. But this story just wasn’t for me.



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