Asian Lit Bingo Wrap Up

Last month I helped co-host and participated in the Asian Lit Bingo. There were chats each week with some Asian authors and it was amazing to see everyone come together and share their views and recommendations. I enjoyed reading through the responses and have added many books to my TBR.

Asian Lit Bingo finished.jpg

I was only able to finish two books for this bingo, both of which I enjoyed. I will be reviewing Freedom Swimmer soon! I gave both these books 4/5 stars. They were amazing and you should all check it out. Thank you to Anisha for letting me borrow her copy of The Star-Touched Queen! I loved it so much!

Just because Asian Lit Bingo is over, doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading books with Asian MCs. I think it is important for everyone to continue reading diversely and I know I will definitely be picking up more Asian protagonist books in the future!

Sorry for the short post. This wrap up was very short haha. But if you want to check out the Asian Lit Chat, search up ‘ Twitter Asian Lit Chat’ on google and it should come up.

Did you participate in this bingo? How’d you go? Did you find any new recommendations?


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