Book Sacrifice Tag – Featuring Helen Scheuerer

Hey friends! Today, the lovely Helen Scheuerer will be taking over this post! Helen was sweet enough to do a book tag on my blog. It took a long time to decide which one to do because we both were indecisive, and I went on a sudden month-long hiatus so this post is long overdue.

Anyways, Helen debuted Heart of Mist last month, AND IT IS AMAZING! If you want to read my thoughts on it, click here. And if you want a copy, this is the Amazon link. Honestly, you all need to pick it up ASAP!

Okay, now here are Helen’s answers to the tag:

  • An Overhyped Book

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. At the time I was an internet entrepreneur who was really interested in other people’s blogging journeys. I thought this book, while fiction, would have some really unique insights into the blogosphere. It didn’t. What could have been a really clever take on the online world turned out to be a very flat, surface level read.

  • A Disappointing sequel

I’m a massive Sarah J. Maas fan, but I was definitely a little disappointed with the third instalment in the ACOTAR series, A Court of Wings and Ruin. I just felt like the whole book lacked the tension that all of SJM’s other books have, and a lot of that was to do with the fact that Rhys and Feyre had got together in the previous book…

I’d fangirl to anyone who’d listen about SJM’s books (still do!), but ACOWAR definitely fell flat for me.

  • A stupid classic

Hmmm… I’m not really a big reader of the classics anymore. However I do remember really struggling to appreciate Kafka’s The Trial. It was a book we were supposed to read for uni, but I could never quite motivate myself. At this rate, I doubt I ever will…

  • Least favourite book of all time

This is a really hard question because in recent years I’ve given myself permission to DNF books. Life’s too short to be reading novels you don’t like!

And that’s all for today! Has anyone read Heart of Mist? If so, did you like it?


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