Hello friends! Today, I will be wrapping up the #DiversityBingo2017. I really enjoyed doing this and it has introduced me to so many new books.

This is the original bingo sheet:

Diversity Bingo 2017

And this is what my bingo sheet looks like, after a year of reading. I did read other diverse books besides these ones, but they didn’t fall into any of these categories. I was able to get one bingo, and was close to getting a second one, but I’m awful at reading challenges as you can tell haha.

#DiversityBingo2017 Completed.jpg

I’ve found new favourites this year, through this challenge. In fact, a lot of my five star reads are on this bingo sheet, such as Not Your Sidekick, Seven Tears At High Tide, The Epic Crush of Genie Lo, The Hate U Give, A Quiet Kind Of Thunder and Queens Of Geek.

Did you discover any new favourite diverse books in 2017? Are there any on this list that you want to read this year?


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