The Fire Unseen by Andrew C. Jaxson

Title: The Fire Unseen

Author: Andrew C. Jaxson

Pages: 345

Genre: Young Adult: Paranormal, Horror

Format: E-Book

Publication Date: November 28th 2017

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:

The tiny town of Ettney is the center of a devastating accident, and sixteen year-old Ari Carpenter emerges as an unlikely survivor. When tragedy strikes again, she finds herself involved in a strange cover-up by the local police department, and stalked by a terrifying and impossible darkness. As the mystery around her begins to unravel, Ari is launched into a deadly and secret war that threatens not only everyone she loves, but the future of the world itself.

My review:

I received an e-copy of The Fire Unseen in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own, and thank you to Andrew C. Jaxson for sending this my way.

This book intrigued from the very first page, as it starts with a horrifying tragedy which hooks the reader, keeps us wanting to know more and to feel sympathy for what the main character, Ari, suffered through. Andrew C. Jaxson’s writing is easy to read, and flows quite nicely together. His writing is descriptive, helping to create vivid images in out imaginations.

I liked Ari’s voice, and related to her in terms of her social life, i.e. when she’s with her friends, she feels as if she’s looking outside in, and she finds it difficult to make new friends. Ari is stubborn and curious, which gets her into trouble a lot. However, she has clear morals, and she knows what she wants, though she faces many obstacles which waver her morals. Ari definitely grew as a person, becoming mentally and physically stronger to protect those she loves, but the trauma she faced also severed many of her relationship ties.

I loved Ari’s relationship with Skye, her younger sister. They seemed to be very close and it was clear that they loved each other dearly. Though the last few chapters challenge this notion, hopefully everything can be resolved in the next book. I also liked her friendship with Noah and Josh, who are both wonderful people and are supportive of Ari. Although it seems Ari already has feelings for just one of them, I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a love triangle, because I dislike those.

I found it interesting how the history of the Kindred and the Unseen were intertwined with our history, the history we are familiar with, such as the World Wars. I had read the prequel to this, The Dark Unseen, which had the same shadow that appeared in this book, well I assume it’s the same one. The shadow is very haunting and I’m intrigued by it and want to know more about it. Hopefully the origins of the shadow are explained in the sequel.

There were many plot twists that I saw coming, so it didn’t really surprise me much. This caused the plot to be predictable and the pacing changed a lot, sometimes is was slow, other times it was quick, making it hard to stay interested in the book. However, the last couple of chapters were thrilling, tense and action-packed, holding my attention for longer and making me not want to put the book down because I NEEDED to know more.

Yes, the plot was a little predictable, but there was so much death and darkness that I had no idea what to really expect, or who was going to die and such. The next book will probably be even more intense than this one, with the war between the Kindred and Unseen continuing, and the Agenda drawing closer (you gotta read it if you want to know what the Agenda is, hehe).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend The Fire Unseen because it is a short, quick read with fun characters to get to know and mysteries to solve. It’s not too scary, but reading it can give you chills at times.


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