Favourite Non-Protagonist Characters

Hello, hello! Today’s post was inspired when I reread Shatter Me and fell in love with Kenji all over again, and it got me thinking, side-characters need more love too! So here’s my list on 5 of my favourite “side” characters presently.

  1. Shatter Me: Kenji Kishimoto – I love him so so much. He’s funny and supportive of Juliette and literally he’s the light in this series. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind him being my best friend.
  2. The Mortal Instruments: Raphael Santiago – I find Raphael one of the most interesting characters in this series. And how he became a vampire is so sad, and omg, he’s short story pained my heart. He deserved better (I am not crying, you are)
  3. Cinder: Iko – Iko is one of the best robots ever! I love her to bits, and she’s awesome and sassy and curious. I actually don’t remember much about this series, but I do remember Iko, and I think she’s not a robot after Cinder? I definitely need a reread of this series.
  4. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Kitty – Kitty is the youngest sister of the Song sisters, but she is definitely my favourite. She’s satisfied with being herself, and she gives pretty good advice at times. And despite her doing things to hurt Lara, she always apologises. My sibling never apologises when he hurts me *rolls eyes*
  5. Grishaverse: Nikolai Lantsov – Okay, I know he’s getting a series, but I had to include him. Gosh, he didn’t deserve the dark things that happened to him. He’ll always be my favourite privateer.

And that’s all I have for you today. There are definitely more on this list, but I didn’t want it to drag on forever, and I wanted to focus on some people who I think deserve more love (aside from Nikolai, because he’s pretty well-loved haha).

Who are you favourite side characters?


3 thoughts on “Favourite Non-Protagonist Characters

  1. I love Iko too! I still need to read the Wire and Nerves books so I can read her character again. kenji is awesome! I still have to read the new book restore me but I’m heaps excited to see him again, great post 🙂

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