Popular Books I Disliked

Hello friends! Today I will be showing you the popular books that I’ve read and ended up disliking or they were meh. Of course, everyone has different opinions, so just because I didn’t like a book, doesn’t mean it was horrible or anything. I just didn’t connect with it or love it as much as I’d hope. I also apologise if your favourite is on this list (I’m so getting hate for the last book on this list haha).

So without further ado, here is my list of popular books that weren’t for me:

  • City Of Bones & City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare: Okay, I love this series as a whole, BUT the first two books were really boring and I just didn’t enjoy it. They’re my least favourite books in the series.


  • Throne Of Glass series by Sarah. J. Maas: It took me two tries to actually finish Throne of Glass, and it ended up being meh. And whilst I relatively liked Crown of Midnight, the series just didn’t intrigue me as much as people were saying, so I ended up DNFing the rest of the series.


  • The Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner: I actually liked The Maze Runner, and it definitely had potential to be an amazing trilogy, but it just went downhill, and I grew to dislike Thomas.


  • Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth: When I first read Divergent, I actually enjoyed it. However, much like The Maze Runner, the trilogy went downhill after the first book, and as a whole, I very much dislike the trilogy.


  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green: omg, I remember trying to read this book two times, and I just HATED it. The third time I tried, was right before the movie, and I found it to be decent. But all in all, it was still very meh. While we’re on this topic, all of John Green’s other books were meh for me (An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Town) so it’s safe to say that his writing is definitely not for me.




  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell: I don’t really remember this book much, but I do remember it being very meh, and it’s also a little racist (there are threads on Twitter if you are curious about this).



  • Harry Potter 4-7 by J. K. Rowling: HAHAHAH, I AM SORRY OKAY! I really did enjoy the first three books, but it went downhill from there. The series just felt like it dragged on forever, and I literally couldn’t bring myself to read it, so I listened to it on audiobook. But yeah, I just felt disconnected from the characters and the plot didn’t intrigue me. Though I do like the idea of Hogwarts, -> I shall be doing another blog post on this so keep an eye out 😉

So I’m going to stop this post now, otherwise we’d be here for a long time. There are a couple more but these are ones that I really don’t like.

What about you, what are some popular books that you dislike?


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