April Wrap Up & Haul

Hello! How have you all been? School has started again this month and it’s been super busy already. I didn’t get that much reading done, and I’m not holding out that I’ll read a lot in May as well.

I read 9 books this month and enjoyed them all. This month was surprisingly a good reading month. I don’t think I’ve had a month where I didn’t read a book that was less than 4 stars. I think my favourite this month would have to be Autoboyography, which was such a cute story, followed by Starfish. 

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card 2 ★★★★✩

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren ★★★★★

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman ★★★★★

Fairy Tail Volume 16 by Hiro Mashima ★★★★✩

Fairy Tail Volume 17 by Hiro Mashima ★★★★✩

Fairy Tail Volume 18 by Hiro Mashima ★★★★✩

Secondhand Origin Stories by Lee Blauersouth ★★★★✩ (actual rating: 3.75 stars)

The Astonishing Colour Of After by Emily X.R. Pan ★★★★✩ 

Fairy Tail Volume 19 by Hiro Mashima ★★★★✩

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I actually didn’t buy any books this month, but I did receive The Astonishing Colour of After by Emily X.R. Pan from Hachette (thank you!!) and I had preordered Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card 2 in March and arrived this month. And I actually read them both so they won’t be on my TBR forever haha.

I also watched Avengers: Infinity War last weekend. And whilst I enjoyed it, the ending, in my opinion, was poorly done. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is still the only Marvel movie that made me cry (the ending scene, if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Though to be fair, I didn’t cry in Infinity War because I was emotionally numb for the whole movie because of the beginning (*sobs quietly*).

I also participated in my first blog tour this month, hosted by The Bookshelf Bitch. And you can find my post here. Overall, April was a good month for me. But May is going to be torturous with all my upcoming SACs/tests. I don’t think I’ll even get any reading done. 

How many books did you read or haul in April. Which book was/is your favourite?


7 thoughts on “April Wrap Up & Haul

  1. I have sooooo many complaints about Infinity War tbh. Although I did enjoy it!

    I’ve been wanting to read The Astonishing Color of After for the loooooongest time 😞

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