2018 WRAP UP & 2019 GOALS

I can’t believe 2019 is already here and that 2018 has ended. 2019 marks a year of new adventures and a new chapter in my life, as I will be starting my first year of university. That being said, I want to take this moment to reflect on 2018, and set goals for 2019.


Despite 2018 being a busy year due to it being my last year of high school, I managed to read 126 books. Which was surprisingly in all honesty. I only expected to read 50 at most, but I had the urge to read a lot of manga, which is why I read a lot. 

I read approximately 60 YA & middle-grade novels, 57 manga, 3 graphic novels and reread 6 books. 10 out of the 126 books were 5-star reads and 2 I DNFed.

I discovered many new favourites, which you can check out on this post. I also stopped blogging and being on social media halfway through the year, and it has refreshed me, though I am not too motivated for social media ahah. But I do miss everyone on Instagram and Twitter and on this blogging platform. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 4.56.24 pm.png

2019 GOALS:

GOODREADS CHALLENGE: 20 books – I liked not feeling pressured to read so much, so I’ll be keeping my Goodreads reading goal low and achievable, but I do hope to reach 100 again this year hehe.

READING GOAL: As of right now, I have own 55 physical books (let’s not talk about e-books haha). I hope that by 31st December 2019, my TBR will be cut down to 25-30. I also want to DNF more books that I’m not enjoying, because I don’t want to waste time on a book I know I’ll end up not enjoying due to the first 50ish pages

BLOGGING GOAL: I want to aim to post 4-6 posts a month and to comment on at least 15 blog posts per month, in hopes of forging new friendships but to also put myself out there.  

BOOK BUYING GOAL: I want to reduce the number of books I buy this year as to save money for uni and stuff, so I’m going to limit myself to a maximum of 3 purchases a month. The real question is, how long will this goal last for ahaha

WRITING GOAL: I aim to write the first draft of the novel I’m working on, because I’m really enjoying the story but since school got hectic, I put it off. I definitely want to finish it this year. 

This is a random one, but I also want to complete one read-athon successfully since I actually haven’t been able to before hehe.

Let's talk.png

And that’s all for today. I think these goals are definitely achievable and will definitely work to succeed. Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. May 2019 be your year, and that it is filled with blessings and good fortune for you. What are your goals for this year? 


7 thoughts on “2018 WRAP UP & 2019 GOALS

  1. If you have access to a library, BorrowAThon is a great readathon, it’s low key and the only rule is to read books that you borrowed. I don’t know when it’s happening this year though. It will also help with your goal of a low-buy.

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