Hi, today I’ll be giving a quick overview of my thoughts on some of my recent fantasy reads. I’m hoping to try to review at least 75% of the books I read this year, but we’ll see how long that lasts when school starts again.

Air Awakens Cover.jpg TITLE: Air Awakens

AUTHOR: Elise Kova

PAGES: 330

GENRE: Young Adult: Fantasy, Romance

FORMAT: Paperback

PUBLICATION DATE: 27th August 2015

RATING: 0/5 stars: DNF this book


I read about 70 pages of this book and could not get into it. I felt it to be too slow and I didn’t care about the characters. Nothing was keeping my hooked to the story, so I didn’t feel the need to continue the book, hence I DNFed it because I know that it’ll only end up being a waste of time if I read it and don’t enjoy it. I know many other people love this book, but unfortunately, this one is not for me. Although it does have a GORGEOUS cover, so 10 points to that ahahah.


TITLE: Every Heart A DoorwayEvery Heart A Doorway Cover

AUTHOR: Seanan McGuire

PAGES: 170

GENRE: Young Adult: Fantasy

FORMAT: Audiobook

PUBLICATION DATE: 27th August 2015

RATING: 3.5/5 stars


This was actually an interesting read, although extremely predictable. I could see who the murderer was from the beginning and the ending was also pretty predictable. However, I really did enjoy the story and there were moments that had me smiling. I also enjoyed the friendships that Nancy created during her stay at the school and I kinda wished we got to see what happened to her after the ending. There’s also some LGBTQIA+ rep as Nancy is asexual and one of her friends is a trans boy. I’ll most likely continue on with this series in the future (perhaps continue listening on audiobook) as I’d like to see more of this world and to learn more about the children.


Children of Blood and Bone CoverTITLE: Children of Blood and Bone

AUTHOR: Tomi Adeyemi

PAGES: 531

GENRE: Young Adult: Fantasy

FORMAT: Paperback

PUBLICATION DATE: 8th March 2018

RATING: 4/5 stars


I genuinely enjoyed this book, it’s full of action scenes, adventure and magic. And lots of stabby deaths *cries for all the innocents who’ve died* I think the world building is intricate in this novel and and the characters were all complex. I think Amari would have to be my favourite character, she’s fierce and caring and is super sweet. Of course, I adored all the other characters too, they supported each other and had each other’s backs and it was such a sweet group of rebels. There is a lot of adventure and action in this novel, as they small group trying to bring magic back are constantly on the run and looking behind their shoulders. Although I loved this book, I sometimes found the pacing to be slow and I would put off reading it because it wouldn’t hold my attention. Which caused me to sit down and binge read the remaining 300 pages as well as another book. Overall, I enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to every one, as it is also an own voices novel and deserves all the love in the world.

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Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Do you think I should give Air Awakens another chance or should I just unhaul it (I’m already planning to). I hope you all have a lovely week!



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