Hello, hello! I’m here with some more mini reviews. I think mini reviews are so much easier for me to write when I don’t have strong feelings for a book, hence why you’ll probably see more mini-reviews in the future of books I read. Of course I’ll still be reviewing books normally occasionally, so yeah ahah. Enjoy these reviews!

Crimson Lake Cover

TITLE: Crimson Lake

AUTHOR: Candice Fox

PAGES: 389

GENRE: Fiction: Mystery, Thriller

PUBLICATION DATE: 30th January 2017

MY RATING: 3/5 stars


I picked up this book because it was the first in a series of mystery novels of the book I wanted to read (Gone By Midnight). And though I enjoyed the book, it was also difficult for me to get into it. Most likely because it’s an adult novel, and I haven’t read many of those. I found the pacing to be a little slow, despite there being an attempted murder right at the beginning of the novel. I also didn’t really connect with the characters too much, but I did sympathise with them, hence caring for them just a tiny bit ahah. I didn’t predict who the culprit of the crime was, so it was interesting reading something unpredictable. I’ll definitely pick up the next book when my library’s copy becomes available because I’m interested to see Ted’s accused crime to come to light.


Down Among The Sticks And Bones CoverTITLE: Down Among The Sticks And Bones

AUTHOR: Seanan McGuire

PAGES: 187

GENRE: Young Adult: Fantasy

PUBLICATION DATE: 13th June 2017

MY RATING: 4/5 stars


I actually really enjoyed listening to this as an audiobook, and I loved Down Among The Sticks and Bones a lot more than Every Heart A Doorway. I love Jack as a character and found her to be strong yet caring and willing to learn. Despite adoring this book, it was a little predictable (but was still enjoyable) however, it left me wanting more from the world and its characters so that was a redeeming quality. I’ll probably continue on with the series as I’m loving all the mini stories this world has to offer. I actually recommend this series as it’s quick, diverse and pretty enjoyable. The downside of this series is that each book is short, therefore we don’t get a lot of world building and we don’t get to stay with the characters for long.



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