Hello. hello! Today I’ll be discussing the tropes I love in books. I think there are many tropes that I love, and they are sometimes the reason for me picking up a book. But today, I will only be talking about 5 of my favourite tropes as of right now.

  • One of my all time favourite tropes is ENEMIES TO LOVERS. I think they;re so fun to read and all the angst!! It’s kinda hard to describe why I love this trope ahahah but I guess it’s partially because the characters usually have to learn to accept one another as they are and that despite them being ‘enemies’, at the end of the day, they’re both human and live under the same sun. One of my recent favourite books with this trope is Sky In The Deep. Not Your Sidekick also kinda has this trope? But gonna throw in the recommendation anyways haha.
  • You know what trope I absolutely adore? The CHILDHOOD SWEETHEARTS/BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS trope. I think it’s just so adorable and cute and usually the relationship transition from platonic to romantic isn’t dramatic. Like they’ll probably just be more intimate with each other, but still retain the friendship moments they had before, which I love. Queens of Geek does this well!

Queens of Geek cover

  • I have a weird fascination for villains, I enjoy their character and their backstories (Loki is my all time favourite villain and character in the MCU haha). So it doesn’t really come as a surprise that another trope I love is VILLAINOUS REDEMPTION/MORALLY GREY CHARACTERS. Or just books centred around well-developed villains in general. I think there’s something about villains that make me sympathise with them haha
  • FRIENDS ARE FAMILY/MAKESHIFT FAMILY is another favourite trope of my mine that I adore because who doesn’t love a story where friends create their own little family too, whether it’s explicitly said or not. Honestly, any story with platonic relationships is a favourite of mine.  I think one of the main reasons as to why I love this trope is because it reminds me of my own relationships with my friends and how we feel like a secondary family.


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And that’s all I have for you today. Let me know some of the tropes that you love and adore. Are there any tropes that if you see in a book, you’ll definitely pick it up? (Note: I also apologise for the shortness of the post. I’m trying to juggle writing posts as well as settling into uni)


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