Everything I Do

Author: M. C. Frank

Pages: 242

Genre: New Adult: Historical Fiction – Medieval, Folklore/Fairytale, 

Format: e-ARC

Publication Date: April 17 2019

My Rating: 4/5 stars

We do what we always do. We make every wrong right.” 

Goodreads synopsis:

Robin Hood is about to steal your heart.

A robber and a princess.
A girl disguised as a boy.
A medieval reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood packed with adventure, sacrifice and romance.

Robin Hood, hidden deep in the Sherwood Forest, is fighting to restore the crown to its rightful king, surrounded by faithful friends, green leaves and clear skies. Burdened with secrets, betrayal and an incredible responsibility, he struggles to stay alive and keep the starving people fed. One day, a boy saves him from the Sheriff’s poisoned arrows. Robin, impressed by the slender youth’s courage and skill, takes the boy with him to the forest.

Only, the boy is not a boy.

In the castle of Nottingham, a maid who used to be a princess is forced to obey the wishes of a tyrannical Sheriff. She dons on male clothes and trains to become a fierce assassin, vowing to catch the greatest criminal in the kingdom. But when she saves Robin Hood’s life nearly losing her own, she is rescued by the outlaws.
When Robin and the “boy” meet, two worlds collide, resulting in unimaginable danger and intense romance. Who will survive when they learn each other’s secrets? What happens when the assassin falls in love with her victim?

Filled with danger, intrigue and slow-burn passion, this is a Robin Hood story unlike any you have ever read before!

My review:

First of all, I want to thank M. C. Frank for kindly reaching out to me and sending me an e-arc of this book for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Everything I Do is a Robin Hood retelling, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I have previously read M. C. Frank’s works before (you can find my review of the first book I read by her here) and was excited to see we she would take this story, because I have always been fascinated about the tale and also because I’ve seen her aesthetic boards and her planning and such for it through her instagram (which you should totally follow! Her username is mcfrank_author)

Okay, moving onto the actual review ahah:


  • M. C. Frank’s writing style. I found her last books’ writing style to be lyrical and easy to read and so beautifully woven, and I found Everything I Do to be no different. I was able to engage with her writing style immediately and the way she describes the setting and such is vivid, but also not over the top (like it’s not too descriptive)
  • So I had notes to help me write this review, and all I can gather from it is that I had a whirlwind of emotions whilst reading it. To avoid any spoilers, I’ll just tell you how I felt reading Everything I Do. From the very first word of the preface/prologue, I was entranced with the story and could tell it was going to be filled with intrigue and adventure.
  • Within the first few chapters, I was feeling panicked about the characters and their situations. I think this made me like them more and grow attached to them. SO get ready to be on the edge of your seat and fearing for these characters hahha.
  • I loved the relationships between the characters, especially between Robin and Will. I would love to see more of them hanging out together. 
  • Everyone else bickers a lot with each other but they’re there for each other when it counts and I just love this group of thieves hehe. 
  • For those who love the ‘girl dressed as boy’ trope, this is in it and I’m sure you’ll come to love the character -> though it was confusing to read about them because I wasn’t sure which pronoun to use 
  • So I didn’t realise this was part of the series and the ending shocked me because I though it would actually end but instead it ended on a semi-cliffhanger *cries*. I need the next book nowwww.


  • It was a little predictable, a lot of the twists and turns didn’t surprise me, save for the very last page. I like my books to be less predictable because they’re more fun and intriguing.
  • We don’t get much of a world-building, and the history of the kingdom and how it came to be in its current situation is very vague. Like there are mentions of things here and there, but it’s hard to connect the dots and get an overarching view.
  • I would have liked to see more character development with the side characters, and perhaps Robin’s backstory, we don’t get to know about the characters much so it was hard to feel overly attached to them.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would recommend Everything I Do to fans of historical fiction, Robin Hood and the girl dressed as boy trope. I hope you do preorder this book, it comes out tomorrow, so there’s still time!


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