Hello! Welcome to part 1 of my tropes post. Today I will be discussing some tropes I don’t really like (with a few exceptions in those categories) and in a future post, I’ll be talking about the tropes that I do like.

  • This first one is obvious, but like many other bookworms, I do not like INSTA LOVE. It’s unrealistic most of the time and is usually too cheesy for me. Like I understand being attracted to someone when you meet them, but you can’t really claim to love them within a couple of chapters.
  • You know what I hate a lot? GIRL ON GIRL HATE or the BEST FRIENDS TURNED ENEMIES trope. Look, I know it happens in reality. I do and I understand. However, I think female friendships are beautiful and the positive sides of it should be explored and looked at more. Friends fight and argue. That is inevitable. But best friends, true friends, forgive each other and learn to move past the bump in their friendship. I know for one that no matter how angry I am at my friends, I would never betray them. Some of my favourite female friendships include Inej & Nina and Charlie & Taylor (Queens of Geek).
  • ABSENT FAMILIES seem to be a common theme in YA. And I think that trope is kinda unrealistic and I do not like it at all. For one, I know that if I did any of the things that happened in those books, my parents would be on my back about it and probably lock me in the house just to make sure I don’t do it. Like why are parents conveniently dead in YA or why are the always absent? Why do they not check up on their children if their not? It’s a little unrealistic, don’t you think? 
  • I feel like the CHOSEN ONE trope has been overdone now, and I’m kinda over it? Like I’m don’t hate it or love it. I’m in the grey area for it ahaha. Like I liked Harry Potter up until certain point, and I adore Carry On and Percy Jackson but I also feel like one should be able to take their own destiny and shape it the way I want. I think this is a trope that I’ll be iffy about, but will still pick up IF a book sounds good. 
  • This trope is also one I’m iffy on. The LOVE TRIANGLE trope. If it’s done well, I don’t mind at all (like the Infernal Devices) but if you’re just gonna put two love interests in front of a protagonist and then make them agonise over who they like the most, I’m not really for it (The Selection, is an example I guess. Like I ship two characters but the female was iffy between two males)

Let's talk

What are some tropes you don’t like? Are there any books that you love that fall into any of the tropes above? 


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