Don’t we all wish we had a genie of our own, who could grant us three wishes? For those who are unaware, Aladdin is one of my favourite childhood Disney movies and even though I cannot come up with reasons as to why I love it now, it will always have a special place in my heart.

So if I had three bookish wishes, I’d wish for:

  1. An unlimited, expandable room to store as many books as I like. One of my dreams is to one day have a library in my home, where I can display all the books I’ve read and loved or books I want to read. I’d also love to be able to sit in the library and read (I was going to add and have a fireplace for aesthetics, but like realistically, I’d never use it because I don’t like the heat).
  2. The ability to stop time so that I could read for as long as I want. I honestly find myself not reading as often (especially now because uni) and I just want to stop time so I can read without having to think about all the things I need to do.
  3. Cheaper prices on manga and graphic novels. They’re so expensive, and I understand why, but I love reading manga and graphic novels, and my library doesn’t have some of the ones I want to read so I often have to spend money to purchase them. So if genie could lower the prices, even for just a week, I’d be super happy.

Let's talk

I actually found narrowing three bookish wishes down super hard. There were so many things I’d wish for. What would you wish if you found your own magical lamp? It doesn’t have to be bookish if you want. I’d love to hear what you’d wish for!


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