Hello, hello my lovely friends, and happy Pride Month! I hope you’re all well. Today, I’m going to be recommending some of my favourite books with LGBTQIA+ rep, since it’s Pride month and we should all try to at least read one book with LGBTQIA+ rep in June.

So without further ado, here are some books I think you should check out:

  • NOT YOUR SIDEKICKS BY C. B. LEE: Look, I know I keep recommending this series but it’s amazing. Not Your Sidekick features bisexuality and has a f/f romance, Not Your Villain features a trans character and Not Your Backup features an asexual character (I’m currently reading this one and loving it!). The characters are all friends and so we see them in each book, but each book follows a different main character. The cast is very diverse in culture as well as sexuality and it follows a fun and interesting storyline, wherein our characters are trying to stop the corrupt heroes.

Not Your Sidekick cover

  • EVERYTHING LEADS TO YOU BY NINA LACOUR: This features a f/f romance and it’s honestly so cute and fun and fluffy. I feel like more people need to read this one and I now want to reread this.

Everything Leads To You Cover

  • RADIO SILENCE BY ALICE OSEMAN: This one features lesbian, gay and demisexual rep and it’s such a sweet story about friendship and discovering oneself as well as dwelling on the topic of what to do after high school. I related to this book so much and it means so much to me now.

radio silence cover

  • SUMMER BIRD BLUE BY AKEMI DAWN: This beautiful and heart-wrenching book features asexual/aromantic rep and it’s such a good story exploring the topic grief and loss and coping with grief. I cried for the entirety of the book but I loved it so much too

Summer Bird Blue Cover

  • GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE BY NATASHA NGAN: This is such a fantastic book, about demons and rebellion and there’s a f/f romance which is the cutest thing ever! I need to review and gush about this book because it was so good and I adored many of the characters. PLEASE PLEASE pick this one up!

Girls of Paper and Fire Cover

  • I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST BY MASON DEAVER: I read this one this month and OH MY GOSH! I understand all the hype for this beautiful book. It features a non-binary character and it’s such an important book about coming to terms with yourself and dealing with the hurt and rejection that one goes through. If you haven’t already, you NEED to pick this one up.

I Wish You All The Best Cover

I have so many more favourites that I think deserve all the love, so I’m going to show you a collage of books with LGBTQIA+ rep:



Let's talk

Are you reading LQBTQIA+ books for pride month? Which ones have you read? What are some of your favourites? Which one’s on your TBR? Red, White & Royal Blue is at the top of my TBR right now!



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