Hello and welcome to my page! 

My name is Stephanie and I am an 18 year old Vietnamese-Australian reader who dreams of travelling the world. Reading is a way to escape reality for me and has helped me feel less lonely in life. It has also helped me grow into the person I am today as I have learnt so many things I never knew and seen the world in so many different perspectives. Aside from reading, I also love to listen to music, write stories, daydream, take bookish photos, watch anime, bike, take long walks and swim during summer. I also love meeting new people (despite being super introverted) so feel free to talk to me.

I hope that in reading my blog, you’ll discover new books to add to your TBR and that you’ll feel more encouraged to read.

Where you can find me:

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/literaryreads

GOODREADS: goodreads.com/literaryreads

EMAIL: ignitingpages@gmail.com

TWITTER: twitter.com/literaryreader

I hope you enjoy my blog and thank you for visiting 🙂


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